Everyone knows that every other Wednesday at the Realm in Wellington is fun. This time—24 March 2022 in the Common Era—it was hot. Phil Costello and his band, 5 o’Clock Shadows, suited up like the Men in Black and looking quite serious as they set up, proved to be anything but once they began to play. I kept looking around for aliens, but it turned out to be quite light and entertaining. And even
helpful for digestion—something Phil actually claimed.
The band played a mix of classical standards and country & western with a sprinkling of modern tunes. The Realm was teeming with all ages: youth, grizzled older folks, families with children, couples and larger groups. And though not really my cup of tea, it was clear that everyone had a great time, dancing on their chairs and singing along to the tunes.
The temperature peaked when Phil stepped up onto a table to belt out the high notes of a
famous hit song. Then, during the break, we were treated with the talents of two soon-to-be-famous Rongotai college students, Liam George on the ivories and Rex More on bass. This duo has a bright future for sure.
Thanks much to Greg Crayford, drummer and host, and to the Realm. Stop by the Realm every fortnight to enjoy the jazz, the people, the place.

By Charlie Queen