The Wellington Jazz Copperative (WJC) keeps delivering high quality jazz for our thirsty ears. This time the Moon1 bar was truly packed with jazz aficionados. Awesome indeed, as a busy room significantly adds to the swing.

The Ozzy season continued with yet another set of guests/Kiwi exports: Peter Koopman on jazz guitar, Thomas Botting on double bass, and George Greenhill behind the drums.

The trio’s sets ranged from softly tender to outrageously sophisticated, their mix of standards and originals laying bare the unique skills and character of each musician.

The perfect balance of their roles mesmerized: the bass formed the rhythm core when not playing solo; the guitar wove beautiful webs around it; and the drums, as an equal member, added all the shiny beats and drops. Add to this some crazy synchronous splashes from all three and you get a magical fabric of extra-terrestrial nature.

Although George has been with them a mere two years or so, the trust among the players was easily discernible. As acrobats soaring just below the roof of the circus tent, they sprang into the air and caught each other just in time to prevent a fall. Their skilful improvisations invoked sighs from the audience whose awe for the skill and mutual trust on display was palpable.

Most of the originals performed that night came from Peter’s latest album Now Where. You can find it on Bandcamp at

I can’t wait for the next musical wonder WJC brings to town. See you on Thursday… on the Moon.

By Charlie Queen